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Best Garden Savior Denver 2010 - Ingrid's Garden Seedlings

Ingrid's Garden Seedlings

Denver metro area

Denver, CO 80203


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Growing your own garden is great — once you get going. Starting with seedlings is another story: Those little buggers seem to shoot up nicely and then suddenly shrivel up miserably, as if they've randomly lost the will to live. Luckily, a very enterprising green thumb named Ingrid will start your seedlings for you for $3 to $5 per pot in her home greenhouse in northwest Denver. Then, come early May, she'll hand over the strapping young plants, ready to transplant. Choose from a catalogue that includes everything from ultra-rare heirloom tomatoes to bhut jolokia, the hottest pepper in the world.

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Jackie Bowser
Jackie Bowser

I have been a repeat customer of Ingrid's and ONLY swear to her for seedlings. The happiest and healthiest plants one can ever have and I can never say it enough. Her seedlings are the only ones I have in my garden.

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