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Best Green Ideas Denver 2010 - Blue and Yellow Logic

Blue and Yellow Logic

Blue and Yellow Logic

3457 Ringsby Court

Denver, CO 80216


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For Ashara Ekundayo of Blue and Yellow Logic, urban farming is just a simple part of life, the same sort of life she saw her grandparents living, with their no-nonsense kitchen garden and pecking hens. "It's just what we do..." is how she explains it, and in the interest of preserving that part of her culture while bringing it up to speed in the 21st century, Blue and Yellow Logic strives to help the community find ways to reclaim land and the sustainable food systems it supports, promote green building practices, support green jobs and change the way people think about where their food, shelter and everyday products come from. Blue and Yellow Logic will turn its first dirt in the spring. But the work, of course, is only just beginning.

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Ecothos – A Eco-Friendly Online Retail Mall Launches

A new web site has been launched by a local web entrepreneur with a hope to have a global place where a diversified group of retailers are working in the spirit of GREEN!

But most importantly it’s an opportunity for the little guy as well as the big boys to find the tools to have their own company. Here’s how it works: If you sell products that are “eco-friendly” you can create a shop and sell them on the site. It’s that easy. If you do not want to create a shop; there is also a blog set up to connect with other “green” folks around the world to share ideas and stories related to eco-friendly initiatives.

For more information go to Look it over and be part of the GREEN movement as a retailer, customer or part of the conversation.

eve halpern
eve halpern

Kendra Sandoval, the founder of Blue and Yellow Logic, is a mighty force for the green movement in Colorado and beyond. It is good to see her innovative spirit and ceaseless energy recognized through Best of Westword's choice of Blue and Yellow Logic.