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Best Hip-Hop Producer Denver 2010 - Boonie Mayfield

How dope are Boonie Mayfield's beats? Consider this: Mr. J. Medeiros from the Procussions sought out Boon Doc (aka Solomon Vaughn) after stumbling across a clip of him rocking his MPC on YouTube one morning. Medeiros ended up working with Boon on his five-song EP, The Art of Broken Glass, and last summer the burgeoning producer pretty much slayed the competition at the Red Bull Big Tune tournament to move on to the finals in Atlanta (where he and runner-up DJ Psycho ended up losing out to Frank Dukes). Besides having nice beats, Boonie is also gracious. At the beginning of the year, he put together a kit for fellow beatmakers to purchase/download that contains over 350 samples of various drums, percussions and effects. It's a pleasure to watch the man work and even more gratifying to listen to his smooth, fluid and always banging beats.

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Faith Philon
Faith Philon

I love Boonie's style and the way he controls his music. This kid has true talent and and love for what he does. What makes it unique is that you can tell the mood and imagine the story he is trying to present to you, as u listen to his musical pieces. He is definitely the creator of his own tunes. As a singer, I can instantly listen to his music and come up with any words to a song to begin my own master piece. That says allot because obviously, there must be a vibe or connection between the artist and the producer in order to form successful music people will love. Tune into the music and you will find out that this artist is own of God's gift to the music industry...from Faada Truuce