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Best Overnight Backpacking Trip Denver 2010 - Lost Creek Wilderness

Just fifty miles west and south of Denver, the Lost Creek Wilderness Area is the perfect place to get away from it all, including running water, but close enough that you don't have to go 48 hours without a shower. You can find any number of suitable campsites on the roadside, and even more just a short hike from your car. After pitching tents, hikers can take to the Colorado Trail, the Ben Tyler Trail and others; anglers can throw a line in the myriad beaver ponds dotting the creek; and loafers can drink cold beer in the sun, if they managed to pack a sixer — preferably in somebody else's pack.

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todd bardsley
todd bardsley

anybody out there recomend a 25-30 mile backpack adventure for 6 indiana guys-heading to colorado in sept...we like a bit of adventure