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Best Pizza Denver 2010 - Virgilio's Pizzeria Napoletana - CLOSED

Virgilio\'s Pizzeria Napoletana

Virgilio's Pizzeria Napoletana

7986 W. Alameda Ave.

Lakewood, CO 80226


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From his 1,400-square-foot eponymous pizzeria just west of Belmar, Virgilio Urbano churns out wonderfully satisfying, thin-crusted chewy pies. You can watch him at work in the exposed kitchen, whose brick-lined oven doubles as a stage for more magic, including addictive spinach pinwheels, olive-oil-brushed garlic knots, calzones, strombolis and oven-hot subs. The straight-up, old-fashioned pizzas slippery with a judiciously herby and sweet tomato sauce and topped with housemade mozzarella are simple pleasures that don't rely on flashy gimmicks or clever Californication approaches to hold your attention. You won't stumble upon chicory or lusty pork belly, fingerling potatoes or porcini dust on the list of pizza toppings. Instead, you'll find those classic, impeccably sourced ingredients that pizza purists hold sacred.

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Well,rest assured amazing food. However, if you have had the pleasure of being waited on by the owner......PASS. He has the worst attitude I have ever encountered. I thought the first time he was just having a bad day. WRONG! He is just not a nice guy with a bad attitude. That picture with him smiling eating pizza??? Probably the only time he has ever smiled. The next time you want a tip.....try smiling Virgilio! It doesn't hurt. Oh and how about thank you for spending so much money on lunch?? For a grumpy waiter your restautant isn't cheap.


Seriously? If this is the best, this town is really hurting for decent pizza.

Tony Riccio
Tony Riccio

Hands down the best pie in this town