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Best Place to Learn How to Be an Urban Farmer Denver 2010 - The Urban Farm

The Urban Farm

The Urban Farm

10200 Smith Road

Denver, CO 80239


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If the thought of getting manure on your Manolo Blahniks makes your heart race, then it's time to make a run to the Urban Farm. This 23-acre piece of Colorado countryside (located right next to the Den­ver County Jail) was created to provide urban kids with rural opportunities and give city slickers a good introduction to dirt. Beginning on March 15, the farm offers plots to would-be gardeners, along with workshops on composting, hoop house construction and worm farming. Kids can participate in the urban 4-H Fun on the Farm and Embracing Horses programs. And if that's not incentive enough, there's unlimited access to mountains of free manure.

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I can't believe you picked this place. It is very poorly run. In recent years they have lost all their decent staff and, more importantly, there have been many questions about financial accountability. You should put aside political connections and take a deeper look at this place.