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Best Reinvented Cassette Tapes Denver 2010 - Kym Bixler's cassette wallet/iPod holders

Local DIYer Kym Bixler figured out a great way to tap into your musical nostalgia while leaping headlong into the future. She takes old broken cassette tapes from the '80s — Cyndi Lauper, the Police, the Thompson Twins, to name just a few — splits them open and sews a felt lining inside. Then she adds a zipper to seal it up, and presto: a retro case that perfectly fits most smaller iPods. Of course, they can also be used as wallets or business-card holders, but nothing says hip like earphones emerging from an old tape.

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No question about it...Kym has always been on the icicle edge of cool, and hip too! Check her out on to see other unique items. I'm a long-time fan of her work.