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Best Return to the Denver Stage Denver 2010 - Chris Whyde Die! Mommie Die!

Chris Whyde Die! Mommie Die!

Chris Whyde Die! Mommie Die!

417 E. 17th Ave.

Denver, CO 80203


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Who knows where Chris Whyde disappeared to for three years, but with Die! Mommie Die!, he made a sensational re-entry onto the Denver scene as Angela, a murderous Bette Davis/Joan Crawford-type diva. His was an impersonation that even those ladies might have liked: He had every intonation, queenly gesture, dignified turn of the head and changing flicker of expression down pat. When Whyde was gobsmacked, he still maintained his dignity (except for the occasional meltdown and a couple of ear-pummeling screams); when he ran girlishly off stage, he really was rather graceful; and when he plotted mayhem, he evoked every Bach-accompanied Gothic horror-movie sequence you'd ever seen.

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