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Best Secret Passage Denver 2010 - Santiago's Staircase

A concrete retaining wall separates customers from businesses in the Washington/Virginia Vale neighborhood. This cozy residential area centered on South Ivy Street and East Virginia Avenue lies on a hill overlooking shops located along Leetsdale Drive. But to get to Santiago's or Starbucks, cravers of tacos and lattes either had to jump in their cars or venture several blocks out of their way to cross the steep, sloping divide. In the spirit of harmony, residents and business owners joined together to build the Great Staircase, a secret trade route behind Santiago's that fosters peace through better economic relations. But please, as the stairway sign urges, do not leave trash or make loud noises.

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Well, color me disappointed. The phrase "Secret Passage" conjures up images of false wall sections and underground tunnels. I guess this stairway is better than walking down a hill, but I'd just as soon walk down a hill.