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Best Show About the Intersection of Art and Commerce Denver 2010 - Colin Livingston: The Big Idea

Colin Livingston: The Big Idea

Colin Livingston: The Big Idea

2501 Larimer St.

Denver, CO 80205


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One of the area's most clever young artists, Colin Livingston has been pondering art as commodity. In pursuing this, he's done all kinds of conceptual works — including having clients pick from sets of palettes, patterns, logos and slogans, becoming full partners in his paintings. With this show, he pushed the idea even further by creating an installation that aped a retail store, with his paintings the merchandise in custom-made display cartons, some with tabs so that they could be hung from open-front cabinets, à la Home Depot. The exhibit was incredible, worthy of display in a museum before its parts are sold off piecemeal.

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