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Best Show About the Intersection of Art and Race Denver 2010 - Floyd Tunson: Remix

Floyd Tunson: Remix

Floyd Tunson: Remix

760 Santa Fe Drive

Denver, CO 80204


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The role of African art in the development of modernism in the early twentieth century is a well-known story. With Floyd Tunson: Remix, Colorado artist Floyd Tunson, himself African-American, turned that story on its head — or at least its side. He painted dead-on copies of famous Picassos and Matisses, put them up sideways, then inserted exact replicas of racist cartoons and illustrations done at the same time as the original paintings. The show, curated by then-gallery director William Biety, was super-smart, very funny and one of the strongest offerings at van Straaten last year. The gallery remains a flagship on Santa Fe Drive, despite now being open only by appointment.

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Lory Schott
Lory Schott

How can a gallery that doesn't pay their artists "remain a flagship" on Santa Fe Drive or anywhere else?