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Best Taco Denver 2010 - El Taco Veloz

El Taco Veloz

El Taco Veloz

400 Federal Blvd.

Denver, CO 80204


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Readers' Choice: Mezcal

Why is Federal Boulevard Denver's best stretch of asphalt for pumping up your spare tire? Because of joints like El Taco Veloz, where a meager $1.75 gets you a steaming corn tortilla abundantly mounted with whatever animal flesh rocks your world, plus onions and cilantro and access to the bar of Mexican condiments, a startling reservoir of grilled or pickled jalapenos and incendiary salsas (including an absolutely amazing avocado and tomatillo version), trays of pickled onions, carrots and chiles, and tubs of everything from cucumbers and radishes to slivered red onions and fat wedges of lime. Our favorite style of taco is the al pastor, spit-carved and topped with pineapple, and so popular that this particular meat has its own spindle in a special corner of the rollicking taqueria.

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You are on the money this place ROCKS!!!! stop here about two times per week. I get the burritos half al pastor and half steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCKS

Nathan Reed
Nathan Reed

I always wonder who picks these best ofs and if they have tried every place in town. I doubt it because, although this place has good tacos and a great salsa selection, anyone in tune to the subtleties of a delicious taco including taste, texture, authenticity and value would pick Chely's Taqueria on West Alameda over El Taco Veloz. Try it and tell me if I'm wrong! I'm just sayin'....