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Best Urban Campfire Denver 2010 - Bluff Lake Nature Center

Bluff Lake Nature Center

Bluff Lake Nature Center

30th Ave. and Moline St.

Denver, CO 80207


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The bluff has a long and storied history as a gawker's paradise. Twenty years ago, Havana Way was the street where Denver teenagers parked to get stoned and make out while watching airplanes take off and land on the east-west runways of Stapleton International Airport. Today, the Bluff Lake Nature Center, located on the same road, is a place for families to go for an evening of marshmallow-roasting over a campfire while watching wildlife cavort before an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Front Range. The summertime schedule of fireside chats features a wide range of speakers covering everything from folk stories to frogs. From your campfire seat at sunset, see why this spot has been the ideal setting to watch the comings and goings of (wild)life in Denver.

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Mendy Evans
Mendy Evans

Thanks for this award! We are planning six Fireside Chats for this summer. You can find more info about them at our web site

-From the Bluff Lake Staff