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Best Venue for Dance/Avant-Garde Denver 2010 - Packing House Center for the Arts - CLOSED

Packing House Center for the Arts

Packing House Center for the Arts

835 E. 50th Ave.

Denver, CO 80216


Map & Details>>

Patrick Mueller of Control Group Productions (and its home, the Packing House Center for the Arts) thinks Denver hasn't been living dangerously enough — at least in its arts offerings. He aims to fill the gap by booking more challenging, fringe-style performance programming, from Butoh to multimedia to theater to Control Group's own Dance Night for Beginners series, which blends humorous instruction with dance performance. Mueller says he's looking for a bigger space and better opportunities for collaboration with other groups; in the meantime, look for the Stop. Crawl. Walk. Run. multi-arts festival, coming in May.

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Anneke Hohl
Anneke Hohl

Denver is incredibly lucky to have a venue like the Packing House Center for the Arts, and the ambitious, passionate people behind it. Congratulations on this well-deserved award!