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Best Wine List — Selection Denver 2010 - The Infinite Monkey Theorem - CLOSED

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

931 W. 5th Ave.

Denver, CO 80204


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Readers' Choice: Lala's Wine Bar

According to the infinite monkey theorem, a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. But could a monkey squeezing grapes for even an infinite amount of time ever come up with wines as wonderful as those created by Ben Parsons at his Infinite Monkey Theorem? That's the urban winery he opened last year in a very unlikely area just off Santa Fe Drive. Parsons has quickly become part of the community, though, working with artists on special pairings and offering tours of his place, where you can buy the nine wines — four whites and five reds (so far). It may not be the city's biggest selection of vino, but it's very, very choice. And fortunately, given the limited public hours at the winery, it's now available at 125 local bars and restaurants.

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9 Wines does not constitute a list -- So what do you call all those restaurants with a book that contains Vintage Year Wines, Captain's List, 2nd label choices, and a sommelier to help.How ridiculous !!!


Are you kidding me? Best wine list - selection is won by a local winery that has a whopping nine wines? There are wineries in Denver that produce more than nine wines, and there are certainly restaurants in the area that have a much better selection of wines including Frasca, Barolo Grill, Venice, Le Central, Kevin Taylor, and Flagstaff to name just a few.

This winner, as "cool" as it sounds is a joke, as is the category now. And you lose a good amount of credibility in my opinion for turning this category into a joke.


Jonathan Greschler
Jonathan Greschler

OK, I'm in the industry and this choice is straight bullshit. (and I love Infinite Monkey and everyone connected with them). This selection represents no knowledge of or respect for what goes into putting together a winelist on the part of Westword's "food writers" and editors: that it is a skill-set and there are exceptional people working in this arena right here in Denver/Boulder. For the record, I tasted close to 1100 wines in assembling TAG's winelist when I was employed there--putting together a list is hard work. And the restaurants that have invested the time to do it well should be recognized. The point is, IMT is a WINERY. THEY HAVE NO WINELIST. THEY HAVE PRODUCTS THEY MANUFACTURE. Great products too, and if you want to create a category for Best Urban Winery, do so! I'll applaud it and second it! But as far as Best Winelist goes...If the staff at Westword truly has no one employed who knows wine and can expound on their knowledge of what makes a good wine list, then HIRE someone. This choice makes the editor(s) of Westword look like frickin' idiots, or worse people who don't care. Bobby Stuckey is at Frasca, Ryan Gaudin is working for Frank Bonanno if you are looking for somms. And Claude Robbins, the head of International Wine Guild lives and works in Denver. WTF? Did you all get stoned and just mail this one in?