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Best Album Cover Denver 2011 - Tjutjuna


Tjutjuna's type of psychedelic space rock is a richly realized alloy of edgy darkness and playful exuberance swirling around a bright center of rippling melodies. But rather than go in for one of those retro cover designs that seem to grace the albums of most neo-psychedelic bands lately, the members of Tjutjuna approached their friend Milton Melvin Croissant III, one of the founders of Rhinoceropolis, to create a piece of art that perfectly suited the music within. Appropriately, it features a smiling, rainbow-bespectacled xenomorph that matches the band's name.

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Best Album Cover and no actual image of the album? COME ON WESTWORD. Also, all the other bands that won "Best Of" awards have no links to any of their music. Poorly done.