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Best Arepa Denver 2011 - Empanada Express - CLOSED

Empanada Express

Empanada Express

2600 E. St.

Golden, CO 80401


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Empanada Express is faithful to the cooking traditions of Venezuela, the owners' home country, and the arepas are excellent examples of this. Round cornmeal cakes about the diameter of a soda can are studded with kernels of corn and pressed flat, then pan-fried until crispy. They might be coated with melted cheese or used to sandwich filling: piquant shredded chicken, savory black beans, sweet fried plantains that explode out the sides as you wrestle the arepa into your mouth. Empanada Express serves all versions with both a spicy, creamy tomato sauce and a garlicky chimichurri; a squirt of either brings the whole delicious snack together.

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I think another branch of the same restaurant opened up off 44th and Stuart (just east of Tennyson). I've been twice and I'm fairly certain the name is the same. Can anyone confirm or deny?