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Best Bed-and-Breakfast Denver 2011 - Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast

Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast

Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast

2147-51 Tremont

Denver, CO 80205


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The Queen Anne has everything you'd expect from a good downtown Denver B&B. Within reasonable walking distance of the 16th Street Mall and other urban attractions, its side-by-side Victorian houses open up to reveal old-style hospitality, served in lovely old rooms, some of which sport vaulted ceilings or city views. But it also runs on a streak of modernism: Proprietor Milan Doshi, a trained chef, dishes out lovely breakfasts based on locavore principles (there's a big garden in back in the summer, where guests can dine outdoors), and green and eco-friendly standards are observed throughout the inn, right down to the organic linens and low-flow toilets. To top it off, the Queen Anne also features a series of super-urban rooms decorated by an edgy stable of local artists and designers. For visitors hoping for a real city experience, it's an excellent launching pad.

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Nabil Hamid
Nabil Hamid

I stayed at the Queen Anne several times, and found it to be delightful everytime. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, the staff was attentive and I had wonderful conversations with Milan and the other guests. The green and eco-friendly standards are a plus, making me feel that I'm doing something good to the environment just by staying there!