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Best Communal Collective Denver 2011 - Lunar Fire

You really have to see Lunar Fire to understand what's so special about this collective. You can't accurately call it a band, because dancers are an integral part of the show, often leading the musical improvisation through movement. And what dancers they are, implementing fantastical costuming, spinning fire, aerial acrobatics and more while the world-jam-rock fusion pounds out behind their graceful gestures. Each member of the group has fingers in several other pies; they all come together in Lunar Fire to cut loose and let the music go where it will. With two percussionists, two vocalists, a bass player, several dancers and a rotating cast of guest musicians playing unusual instruments in the group, you never know where this journey is going to take you — but it's a given that it will involve deep, inspirational lyrics and some of the sweetest eye candy you'll ever see.

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I am so thankful to call Lunar Fire my family and friends!!! One of the things that has always drawn me to be a part of this collective is the absence of ego and the focus on unleashing creativity without abandon!! Can't wait until the next show!! See you there:)