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Best Cupcake Denver 2011 - Kim & Jake's Cakes

Kim & Jake\'s Cakes

Kim & Jake's Cakes

641 S. Broadway

Boulder, CO 80305


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Readers' Choice: Lovely Confections

Jake Rosenbarger has been meditating on cake since he was a kid, baking the stuff in secret in a health-conscious household and stashing it in his room. As a result, he formed a philosophy that cake should be more than a hunk of sugary substance that ends the meal — rather, the pastry should be a balance of unique flavors, just like any savory course. That's the theory that he and his wife, Kim, apply to every cupcake they come up with in their Boulder shop, Kim & Jake's Cakes. The Rosenbargers have dreamt up some interesting ones, too, combining cilantro and lime and topping it with an avocado frosting, or pouring red wine into the batter and then icing the cake with ubriaco del piave cheese. In fact, a hefty portion of their list is inspired by alcohol: stout cupcakes made with local brews, a full line of cocktail-copying treats. But even the classics, such as vanilla and red velvet, are made with a rare eye for balance, and they're fluffy and light enough that you could eat one — or more — every single day.

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The website has absolutely no information about the cupcakes, only a few random photos. Are they available to just walk in and pick up? Do you have to special order them? I only see information on the cakes.

They sound amazing; but without any information, it isn't worth a trip.