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Best Denver Zoo Animal Babies Denver 2011 - Amur tiger cubs

Amur tiger cubs

Amur tiger cubs

2300 Steele St.

Denver, CO 80205


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Picking the cutest animal babies is kind of like choosing the prettiest children; there's something vaguely Toddlers & Tiaras about the whole thing, and it makes us worry that we're damaging the self-esteem of all the other, uglier baby animals. That said, the four Amur tiger cubs born at the zoo last June are by far the most adorable, fluffy, blue-eyed mammals this town has seen in quite some time. Way cuter than the four Komodo dragons hatched in October, who we're sure will grow up to have great personalities.

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I think the life of animals at zoos is not much interesting as it is in the forest. i.e their home . proper care should be take of the animals in-order to preserve the species.