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Best Ethiopian Restaurant Denver 2011 - Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba

7225 E. Colfax Ave.

Denver, CO 80220


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Save for a few maps of Ethiopia, the decor at Queen of Sheba, an East Colfax storefront, is modest. But the food? As owner Zewditu (Zodi) Aboye's daughter puts it, "Some people just have a gift for cooking, you know?" From a partially visible kitchen, Aboye turns out stellar renditions of her home country's cuisine: stews of earthy lentils, gamey yebeg wott thick with chunks of lamb, and tender legs of juicy, roasted chicken, all infused with the piquant smoke of berbere, the spice that's ubiquitous in this type of fare. Those stews come on a platter, hemmed in with tart, spongy injera (like a flat sourdough) used for scooping everything up between fingers. To wash it all down, Aboye pours Ethiopian honey wine and Harar beer, of course. Denver is lucky to have many Ethiopian restaurants, but Queen of Sheba rules.

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I have been going to Queen of Sheba restaurant for at least 10 years, except for the period Zodi was not the proprietor.  Her food is absolutely amazing.  I have eaten Ethiopian food the world over, including Africa.  I have never eaten a better meal anywhere and I NEVER tire of it.  The ambience is in character while the prices are excellent for the value received.  It simply would not be the experience it is without Queen Zodi!


It's always fun to have a meal here, Zodi is the BEST!! A sweet lady and a dynamite chef to boot. Prices reasonable, portions big to huge and sometimes a little treat, too. Ony wish my friends were more adventurous eaters...