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Best Food Truck Denver 2011 - Pinche Tacos

Pinche Tacos

Pinche Tacos

Denver metro area

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Steuben's

Pinche Tacos, one of the early businesses in the vanguard of Denver's street-truck movement, turns out terrific Mexican street-food tacos bumped with everything from smashed potatoes and chorizo to carnitas, caramelized onions and beef tongue. Finer still are the vegetarian queso a la plancha tacos, good enough to compel carnivores to surrender to the green side. The tortillas — made locally — are slapped on the grill, surfaced with a lacy orb of salty cotija, griddled until golden, and topped with avocado and a lob of tart tomatillo salsa, with limes on the side. All of Pinche's tacos leave us wanting more, but these are the shock-and-awe version.

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Must be a white guy that owns this business, because it's supposed to be written as "Pinches Tacos." Tacos are plural. Source: I'm Mexican.