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Best Free Service Denver 2011 - City of Denver Street Sweeping E-minders

Readers' Choice: Denver Public Library

The City of Denver only has 26 street sweepers — which is amazing considering the fact that parking-enforcement officers dole out twenty bazillion tickets every year to the scofflaws who forget to move their cars on street-sweeping days. Wanna beat the odds? Sign up for the city's free Street Sweeping E-minders, which will alert you via e-mail (April through November) the day before your street is swept. It's dirt cheap.

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Not that good of a service because it will only remind you of 1 day out of the month. I live over by east high school and there are 4 different days out of the month. A different day for each side of the street and a different day for each block so when you live on the corner I have 4 days that they can ticket me and the website e reminder will only save you once... So whomever designed the e notification system for street sweeping needs to do a little more thinking and maybe westword could be a little more critical before proclaiming it a great service.