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Best Hip-Hop Album Denver 2011 - Son of the Crack Era

Given how popular his city anthem has become, it's a bit surprising that Mr. Midas hasn't enlisted a chorus to walk behind him and chant the hook to his uber-catchy "Run My Town." The killer single released early from his full-length album Son of the Crack Era, "Run My Town" gave an immediate glimpse into the authentic material that Midas had planned for the record — and he more than delivered on that promise. His account of the struggle and his optimism throughout the disc set his account of 'hood politics apart from the typical crack tales. Plus, on the track "Tender Kisses," he shouted out the grandmother who raised him with such sincerity that it could almost have been Tupac's "Dear Mama" 2.0.

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June 10, 2011

Mr Midas: Continues Project for Charity

My name is Gwen Heard and I am the Executive Director of Help All Agency Inc, a publicly supported, 501c3 nonprofit organization providing support services to at risk youth, age newborn to 21 years old. Our programs educate, motivate and implant seeds of self worth and personal pride in the hearts and minds of youth in the inner city.

In 1999, Help All joined forces with Mr. Midas, CEO-Jagadan Records/Gang Green Int’l. Mr. Midas had been Help Alls “Poster Child” representing at risk youth since the age of 2 and felt the best way to reach today’s youth is communicating thru universal languages: hip hop, rap and spoken word.

As Help Alls mentor and spokesperson, Mr. Midas sole purpose when performing has been to reinforce positive messages through rap music about drug prevention, being your own person, staying out of gangs and being a success in school and life.

Mr. Midas is the first and only Hip Hop artist affiliated with Denver Musician Association (the local musician’s union); he is also the founder of the Colorado Hip Hop Coalition which is a network of representatives from the Hip Hop Industry.

In January 2011, Mr. Midas released the CD entitled “Son of the Crack Era”. The CD not only won Westword Magazines Hip Hop Album of the Year Award; Midas was also selected as part of Westword Magazines Class of 2011.

Midas is currently filming the documentary which goes hand in hand with his desire to capture how crack was an epidemic and how it shaped his life and we are committed to strengthen our communication network by one million sponsors for the year 2011.

Please log on to the website: to learn more about Midas and as a way to show your support.

Thank you,

Gwendolyn J Heard