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Best Impersonation of a Museum by a Co-op Denver 2011 - Ice Cube Gallery

Ice Cube Gallery

Ice Cube Gallery

3320 Walnut St.

Denver, CO 80205


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Though it started up just over a year ago, the Ice Cube Gallery has already made its mark not just in RiNo, but in Denver's art world as well. This is partly because of the obvious talent of the co-op's members, who include Sophia Dixon Dillo, Theresa Anderson, Karen Roehl, Carol Browning, Katie Caron, Michael Gadlin, Ray Tomasso and Regina Benson. But it's also because of the swank and enormous exhibition space that Ice Cube occupies in a handsome red-brick building that was once a dry ice factory; this impressive facility puts every other Denver co-op to shame.

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Karen Roehl
Karen Roehl

thanks for the nod, Westword! We are all proud to be part of this blossoming district in the beautiful Dry Ice Factory, and even more so to be a part of the diverse and very creative team that make up the membership of Ice Cube Co-op. Being associated with the talents of those mentioned as well as Jean Smith, Jennifer Jeannelle, Roxanne Rossi, Carol Ann Waugh, Amber Fries, Deborah Jang, Paloma Scheck, Sara Golendberg, Kathy Knaus, Brian Cavanaugh, and Patrick Loehr has only served to make us each grow as individual artists.

Regina Benson
Regina Benson

Thanks for recognizing the talent of the Ice Cube Gallery members, our innovative guest shows, the spectacular gallery space, and our continued committment to showcase cutting edge arts! We are proud to be at the center of Denver's contemporary art happenings, right here in the RHINO District!