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Best New Skatepark Denver 2011 - Aurora City Park

Aurora City Park

16th Ave. and Dayton St.

Aurora, CO 80010


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Colorado has some of the gnarliest skateparks in the world, giant concrete behemoths packed with everything a skateboarder could ask for. So why do those stubborn street urchins still slide and grind on every little ledge in the city? Aurora's new pocket-sized park, designed and built by the skatepark experts at Grindline (a Seattle-based company better known for building bigger, burlier bowls) officially opened in February and probably won't do much to keep kids off the streets, but its handful of small ledges, manual pads and a simple banked feature are already attracting skaters from all over the metro area — proof that bigger isn't necessarily better.

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I dont get it. this does not add up. How is This park the best? I meen Lafayette by far takes it.


No disrespect to Grindline but are you joking? You need to go to Lafayette if you think that Aurora is the best. It is amazing and has something for everyone!