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Best Option for Cheap Local Internet Denver 2011 -

Here's a little secret the tech geeks don't want you to know: Qwest and Comcast aren't the only Internet service providers in town. And one very able competitor is, a Denver company that's been providing stellar local phone and high-speed Internet service for years — at a price that's cheaper than that of its corporate competitors, all their flashy limited-time offers be damned. Even better, if you have any difficulties, you can call Forethought's downtown location and speak to a tech expert who will more often than not recognize you by name. In this day and age, that's a technological marvel.

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We currently have Forthought as our vendor for our clinic and in my 15 years of professional work history, I have never worked with a more horrendous company.  The internet connections and phone service is shoddy at best - ZERO reliability.   They are not a complete company like they advertise - let me explain.  They subcontract out ALL of their services, meaning YOU the customer gets to pick up the tab on service repairs for services you're already paying for!??  We advertise an emergency 24 hour phone line that MUST BE OPERATIONAL FOR PATIENT CARE AT ALL TIMES less an act of God.  Well, God's apparently working overtime because the problems are daily - degraded lines, poor connectivity, internet crashes, sending the same fax 15 times hoping it will go through, phone lines mysteriously cutting off patients’ mid-sentence, the list goes on.  We call over and over and over again asking for them to provide the service they are contracted to provide or at least FIX the services they are contracted to provide.  They magically have no record of our calls, so that's our fault according to them?  There is no accountability, no reliability, and any money you think you're saving initially ends up coming out of your pocket in the THOUSANDS, that's right, THOUSANDS for their shoddy services.  They also always recommend this company called Stonetree to be the "physical" arm of their company for service repairs (that they should be responsible for, right?) - that of course you have to pay for out-of-pocket.  Stonetree is the second worst company ever.  For example, to install Vipre on 5 computers they billed our company $1500.00.  Vipre!? I couldn't make this stuff up.  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.  They are not providing the services we are paying for - last time I checked that qualifies as an automatic breach of contractual obligation.   So they are legally obligated to let us out of this nightmare contract, which of course is not happening.  Now we have to drag this through the courts - IT'S A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE.  Do yourself a favor and avoid this company like the plague.  They only look good on paper.  Quite honestly Westward, if you're endorsing this company then put your money where your mouth is.  My office will take bets on how quickly you'll change your tune.


Jesse Caple
Jesse Caple uses Qwest's lines. They are NOT independent, so this review is completely invalid. That plus they have some really bad reviews around the net. I would think twice before using them.

There is basically Qwest or Comcast in Denver. Unfortunately that is it. If you live elsewhere in Colorado, such as Springs, then there are other options. Denver is pretty limited, though.


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They don't offer service in south Denver. Is there ANYONE else besides Comcast, Quest or someone who is trying to make a buck selling for Comcast and Quest?