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Best Oysters Denver 2011 - Ototo Food and Wine Bar - CLOSED

Ototo Food and Wine Bar

Ototo Food and Wine Bar

1501 S. Pearl St.

Denver, CO 80210


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Ototo Food and Wine Bar sources its oysters seasonally, ordering in the freshest specimens from whatever location has them. But no matter the source or the variety, these oysters come to the table as cold and fresh as if they've just been plucked from a tide pool. After they're drizzled with astringent sherry vinaigrette or biting jalapeño ponzu, the slick, fleshy bodies tip out of glittering shells, leaving the delicate essence of the sea — like the taste of the air on a rainy coast — on the teeth and tongue. Oysters like this should be eaten by the dozen, ideally with just a bottle of white wine to wash them down. And sitting at Ototo's bar, watching Pearl Street through its storefront windows, that's an entirely satisfying way to eat dinner.

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Daniel Side
Daniel Side

they are fair but overpriced.

maxs on south gaylord is a better place if you like oysters.

there happy hour is very good $.99 each