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Best Place for Motorcycle Maniacs Denver 2011 - Vintage Motos Museum

Vintage Motos Museum

Vintage Motos Museum

2762 Walnut St.

Denver, CO 80205


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Jim Dillard's Vintage Motos Museum is a labor of love in every sense of the word: Jim loves motorcycles, especially the vintage European numbers, and he loves to labor over them, restoring them to their gleaming prime. This collection of nearly 200 retro machines is on view only on Saturdays, but if you love motorcycles, you won't want to miss it, or Dillard's stories. He says each bike has one, if you have the time: Bring a camera and big ears.

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This collection is a must see if you are in Denver! I have been there several times and am always amazed by the incredible variety and knowledge Jim posesses. I have seen bikes at Vintage Motos I have only read about!