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Best Rapper East of Colorado Boulevard Denver 2011 - Innerstate Ike

For Innerstate Ike, hip-hop is deeper than rap. You won't find this guy spitting melodic rhymes about pretty girls over piano beats; he represents his 'hood and his movement with thought-provoking lyrics. Ike, a legend in the streets, has earned his stripes. And he's the epitome of an enterprising, consistent DIY contributor to the local hip-hop scene, always at the ready with a steady stream of new ideas and moneymaking ventures. His latest album, Moolah Music, due out this spring, represents his hustle and his creativity, which are more than a match for his sharp charisma.

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People can’t stop Gods plan. You put God first, pray every night, and very humble. You don’t worry about what everybody else is doing and continue to stay away from others that are trying to distract you and keep you from your dreams. Everybody knows Innerstate Ike has HATERS. Continue to stay focused on what you are trying to do and kill them with success. I’m proud of you! Kisses....