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Best Recycled Jewelry Denver 2011 - Kellybeth Designs

Credit cards are useful for lots of things: paying for groceries; proving your identity; breaking and entering. But what do you do with the expired ones (besides using them for breaking and entering)? For the past few years, designer Kelly Campbell has been cutting up old credit cards and turning them into colorful jewelry: chunky bracelets, funky necklaces and dangly earrings made from circles punched out of an old MasterCard or long plastic strips sheared from a spent Starbucks gift card. The result is whimsical and stylish, not to mention earth-friendly. Go ahead, charge one.

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I have been giving my son my expired credit cards for him to play-pretend and put them inside his own wallet when he goes "shopping" with his cousins. Now, I could use them to instead create beautiful craft pieces that could provide me with real money to go for real shopping! Such beautiful crafts by Kelly Beth indeed and I would certainly try creating similar designs on my own pretty soon, because the prices that she is selling them for, are a bit on the high side for recycled items.

Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell

Thanks Westword for voting me (Kellybeth Designs)the Best Recycled Jewelry! What an honor. I appreciate your support!