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Best Roller Derby League Denver 2011 - Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

These women are officially the most badass skaters in the land. In November, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls beat reigning champs the Oly Rollers of Washington to win the roller-derby world championship and bring the trophy — a silver skate mounted on an artful piece of twisted metal — to the Mile High City. This year, they'll fight to keep it here when the 2011 world championship is hosted in Colorado. But winning isn't all they do; the Rollergirls also give back. In the past year, they helped start a junior derby league, the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks, and shepherded a resolution through the state legislature, recognizing how the sport of roller derby empowers women.

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Topper bottom
Topper bottom

Such GREATNESS (congratulations to my home city derby girls), and all you got was this teeny tiny lil' article?Your accomplishments are so much more deserving that a short paragraph. Keep up the great work!