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Best Sausages Denver 2011 - Il Mondo Vecchio - CLOSED

Il Mondo Vecchio

Il Mondo Vecchio

1174 S. Cherokee St.

Denver, CO 80223


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Mark DeNittis, Denver's high priest of salumi, is a sausage-slinging genius, his pristine laboratory of pig — and the state's only USDA-inspected salumeria — a shrine to dry-cured sausages and fresh sausage links made with amore from a hot-blooded Italian who's devoted his career to pimping meaty, salty, pudgy ropes and rings of porky goodness. Sausage-making is his passion, and after biting off more than we can chew — hot Italian sausage flecked with crushed red pepper, breakfast sausage injected with Stranahan's whiskey, British-style beer bangers, German beer brats, Greek loukanika, Polish sausages and Mexican chorizo — we still want more.

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Great post. I love finding different ways I can use dry sausage in different ways.