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Best Shopping for Cross-Dressers Denver 2011 - Studio Lites

Studio Lites

Studio Lites

333 Broadway

Denver, CO 80203


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There's probably not a huge market for gold reptile-print stilettos with faux fur that come in a men's size 14 — but if that's the sort of thing you're into, then you're not going to do any better than Studio Lites. Aside from having the market pretty much cornered on men who need really large heels for whatever reason, the store is like a modern cross-dresser's glamorous fantasy, full of sexy duds, faux jewelry, wigs (for both stagecraft and medical purposes) and makeovers — most notably, the male-to-female kind. Factor in the friendly, accommodating staff, the charmingly low-slung retro location and the surprisingly reasonable prices, and you've got a place where your average Joe can become a truly fabulous Jane.

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King Amy
King Amy

Don't purchase a wig from here. They're not worth what you're paying for them. They're ridiculously overpriced. Plus, they're not even heat resistant synthetic. I bought two wigs at $170 EACH (per my husband's request that the owner take 10% off of the steep price) and after doing some research I come to find my wigs aren't worth anything. They're cheap synthetics that once again aren't heat resistant. A wig you can't style and wear all the time is worthless. You need a wig to be heat resistant to style it. What I noticed while looking inside of the wigs I purchased that the tags had been cut out of them and the wigs weren't even sold in the original packaging. The owners do this so more than likely so you can't research where they really come from and figure out that you've been had. Avoid.