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Best Strip Mall Denver 2011 - EZE Mop/Grindhaus

EZE Mop/Grindhaus

EZE Mop/Grindhaus

1200 block of E. 17th Ave.

Denver, CO 80218

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Technically, yes, EZE-Mop, a short block of shops, and its companion coffee and teahouse, Grindhaus, located in an adjacent house, make up their own cozy little urban strip mall in the city. With an emphasis, that is, on urban. The work of inner-city booster couple Stephanie Shearer and Chris Bacorn, the row includes Peppermint boutique, which focuses on one-of-a-kind women's clothing, accessories and jewelry by local artists and designers, the hip men's boutique Soul Haus and the spectacular flower shop Babylon, forming a shoppers' oasis where your visit might happily end with a board game over a cuppa.

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