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Best Vegetarian Green Chile Denver 2011 - Sputnik



3 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80209


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Readers' Choice: WaterCourse Foods

Sputnik's fire-roasted, homemade green chile comes in both pork and vegan varieties, and although the pork version is tasty, the vegan green chile is spectacular. Served with corn tortillas on the side, it's everything a green chile should be: thick, filling and mouth-watering, redolent with smoky green chiles and a mild heat that lingers on the lips. You can order it in a bowl, as a side dish or topping Sputnik's infamous Hangover Breakfast (also vegan-optional), with no fear of chicken or beef broth lurking in the mixture. This is one green chile guaranteed to fill your belly and earn you karma points.

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We went here thinking that this was an actual restaurant, so we took our kids along with us. Um no this is a bar that serves food, so of course there were no booster seats or highchairs. I wouldn't mind except that their website and this article make it seem like an actual restaurant. Not to mention it's just crappy bar food. As someone that has devoured and enjoyed more than their fair share of amazing green chile, it is an insult to even contend that this is anywhere close to the same. The "green chile" is more like a dark salsa verde with no spice to be found and watery. The hangover breakfast had rubbery eggs and old stale dehydrated potatoes with no seasoning, the only way the food can be considered semi tolerable is if you are 3 sheets to the wind. Also our server/bartender was rude, we came in at 12:30 in the afternoon sat at a booth and ordered our food, almost immediately after the food arrived the server came over with our check telling us he was dropping it off early in case the kids "freaked out" and we had too run out the door. To me this was incredibly insulting, I could understand if we were all in the middle of a melt down, but no there we were sitting calmly talking with our children...but again what can I expect from a bar that advertises itself as a restaurant. On the other hand the bloody mary's were good...