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Best YouTube Beer Denver 2011 - Double Rainbow Collaborative Saison

Double Rainbow Collaborative Saison

Double Rainbow Collaborative Saison

1466 Garden of the Gods Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80907


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The Double Rainbow YouTube video that went viral last year was so inspiring to Jason Yester of Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs that he and his team decided to brew a beer with Black Fox Brewing that was based on the colors of the rainbow. So intense! Double Rainbow Collaborative Saison included ingredients like turmeric, parsley, agave nectar, pumpkin and rosehips. It's enough to make you cry with joy.

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Saison Man (Jason Yester)
Saison Man (Jason Yester)

whopt it is true that neither John nor I could have crafted this beer by ourselves alone. It's too crazy of a recipe! I think a big nod should also go to Darren Baze who really did most of the work on this batch. It was a huge team effort and quite an honor for all of Colorado Springs!

whopTbird Jones
whopTbird Jones

No love for John Schneider? I love Jason's beer but it is an injustice to not mention John, head brewer/owner of Black Fox.