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Best After-Hours Party Denver 2012 - AAMP

AAMP has consistently produced a quality late-night party that surpasses all others and continues to leave lasting impressions. To keep things legit, a door guy is always there checking IDs, and security ensures guests' safety by making sure nothing unsafe is going down. AAMP brings in the hottest dance acts, some of whom have never been seen or heard by many of the attendees, who simply show up because they know the party is going to run late and be a good one. These after-hours soirees typically don't start until midnight, and they run well into the morning hours — or until people can't party anymore. Should you find yourself in the late-night mode, this is the place to be.

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Roger Allbrandt
Roger Allbrandt

Its like people get up at midnight to party now. The place gets busier and at full capacity around 3:00 to 3:30. Everyone looks fresh and beautiful, like they just got ready to go out. Its amazing. I used to hit up 2am or Diamond After Dark, but those places were always hit or miss, and sometimes pretty grimy and filled with the strung out likes of me. AAMP events surpass most of Denver's night clubs, which try to gouge you with $8 drinks and bad attitudes. Congrats AAMP!

Joey B
Joey B

Well deserved guys, congrats!