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Best Club Night Denver 2012 - Electronic Tuesdays

Electronic Tuesdays

Electronic Tuesdays

2637 Welton St.

Denver, CO 80205


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Readers' Choice: Beta

Sub.mission introduced Electronic Tuesdays at Cervantes' Other Side just over a year ago, and because of the massive crowds that come for this club night, it's now been moved next door to the Ballroom. With local acts, DJ battles and competitions, Electronic Tuesdays have grown into a raging concoction of dubstep, house, drum-and-bass and anything else that falls under the ever-expanding umbrella of electronic music. On occasion, you get free access if you arrive before ten o'clock — but when Sub.mission brings in the big guns, you gotta pay to play. And when you do, you can count on the night being worth the price of admission.

Readers' Choice: Beta

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Reader's Choice is Beta??? Beta is a club not a club night. That makes no sense. That's like calling a hamburger the best new restaurant.