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Best Denver Dance Institution Denver 2012 - Lipgloss

Can you name any other club night that's been going for as long as Lipgloss and has managed not just to survive, but thrive, despite the change in personnel? We thought not. Founded in June 2001 by boyhollow (aka Michael Trundle), Tyler Jacobson and Tim Cook, Lipgloss has become a Denver institution at this point, one that's kept things moving by not straying too far from its starting point. Now helmed by boyhollow and option4 (aka Brennen Bryarly), Lipgloss continues to offer up fresh sounds and frequently brings in other kick-ass local DJs like Narky Stares and DJ Tower to keep the party amped.

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Not to mention national & international talent! In the last year alone: BAIO of Vampire Weekend, Le Castle Vania, Beni, Sammy Bananas, Plastic Plates, Anna Lunoe, Willie Joy, American Royalty, Chain Gang of 1974, Hollywood Holt, Midnight Conspiracy, The Chaotic Good, Dani Deahl, Paul Anthony, DJ Exodus, Orville Kline, Just.One.Duran & Skyler Mendoza!