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Best DIA Conspiracy Theory Denver 2012 - Penis Envy

Penis Envy

Penis Envy

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Denver International Airport has inspired many fine conspiracy theories — that it's a creation of the New World Order, that there are Martians living underground — but none as uplifting as the one exposed on The Colbert Report this fall. According to William Tapley, who calls himself both "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "Co-Prophet of the End Times," DIA is full of phallic symbols — not surprising, since it's designed to look like a giant penis. We don't even want to think what role the new South Terminal will play in that scenario....

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What's funny about Westword, FOX 31 NEWS, and the Denver Post is that they are forced to cover this issue, due to the amount of public concern around this particular airport. No one really knows what is there, but questions keep being asked as evidence is in fact overwhelming that DIA is a continuation of government fallout facility in case of a nuclear threat.

For an unbiased review of DIA, the viewing of the New World Order time capsule on the North Wing of security check, check out this article at

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