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Best Director Denver 2012 - Edith Weiss
Vox Phamalia: Quadrapalooza

Edith WeissVox Phamalia: Quadrapalooza

Edith Weiss
Vox Phamalia: Quadrapalooza

417 E. 17th Ave.

Denver, CO 80203


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A variety show like Vox Phamalia: Quadrapalooza, presented at the Avenue Theater, required a whole different set of skills from a director. The show was intended as a place where everyone in the PHAMALY company could find a home, regardless of singing or acting talent or level of disability. To achieve this, director Edith Weiss selected stories from those sent in by cast members, edited them and did some writing of her own, along with Jeremy Palmer. She had to learn how to work with actors who had not only the usual emotional vulnerabilities, but unusual physical ones, too. Under her direction, the cast found ways to help and support each other, and the rage and sadness of the stories were often transmuted into humor, without any diminution of truth or impact. As a result, the performers forged a strong emotional connection with their audiences.

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