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Best DIY Venue — Fort Collins Denver 2012 - GNU: Experience Gallery - CLOSED

GNU: Experience Gallery

109 Linden St.

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Fort Collins has had its own vibrant art and musical community going back decades. Its existence has resulted in various DIY venue experiments over the years, as well as the scene's semi-legendary progressive shows. For those, one band would play in a certain location, and the next band on the bill would play in a second location whose whereabouts were only revealed to those who were at the first one, as a way of keeping the shows from getting shut down. GNU: Experience Gallery is one of the latest and most active sites of that tradition. Not only does the GNU host the work of some of the most interesting artists and musicians connected to Fort Collins, but it opens its arms to regional talent as well. Kris Smith and Brandton Manshell clearly have a significant institution on their hands.

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Bless him, Kris Smith is no longer with us. But Andrew Schneider is! You can find Kris at one of our raddest recording studios in town:

Thanks everybody!!