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Best French Fries Denver 2012 - Elway's Cherry Creek

Elway\'s Cherry Creek

Elway's Cherry Creek

2500 E. 1st Ave.

Denver, CO 80206


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Readers' Choice: Jonesy's EatBar

There are several strict rules of thumb when it comes to making french fries: First, the tubers — blanched, of course — must be hand-cut, with the skins left on for texture. Second, the potatoes shouldn't be cut too thin or, God forbid, too thick. Third, if the resulting fries aren't crisp, golden and hotter than a sidewalk sale in the heart of a Palm Springs summer, then the kitchen deserves a cold night in hell. And finally, they had better be liberally dusted with salt. The fries at the original Elway's, which arrive heaped into a large cone, adhere to every one of these rules. They're simultaneously fluffy and crisp, properly salted (and peppered, too), and they taste the way french fries should. And they don't require any damn condiments, most notably that horrible thing known as ketchup.

Readers' Choice: Jonesy's EatBar

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The Chicago, The Cut throat in Bailey. I have spent the last 30 years seeking the best fries. These win hands down in Colorado!


Elways? Seriously? Perhaps you should try the fries at Manneken Frites it Arvada.Simply to die for