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Best Jazz Jam Denver 2012 - Meadowlark



2701 Larimer St.

Denver, CO 80205


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Originally started a few years back by guitarist Cole Rudy, who was looking to re-create the backyard jams he enjoyed with music-school friends, the weekly Monday jazz jam at the Meadowlark is still the main place in town to catch some of the city's finest young players. While some jams might attract a lot of one particular instrument, here you'll see horn players, bassists, drummers, keyboardists and guitarists cycling through every few songs. Yep, they do standards, but they keep them fresh, fiery and exciting.

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Cole Rudy
Cole Rudy

Congrats to the Meadowlark Jazz Jam!! I'm so proud of you all for keeping the night alive it gives the youth of our amazing jazz scene a place to be. While I created the night I only can take credit for the first stint of it's existence. The musicians that truly carry tgis night and make it amazing deserve many free drinks and their names are as follows: Huge thanks to Mike Smith, Mhamed ElMenjdra, Gabe Mervine, Mark Emmons, Matt Pike, John Grigsby, Harry Olson, John Olson, Carl Sorenson, and the rest.

These gentlemen are the shit. See you guys soon.

Cole Rudy