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Best Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fights With Flair Denver 2012 - Primos Hardcore & Wrestling

Primos Hardcore & Wrestling

6810 E. 53rd Place

Commerce City, CO 80022


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With every death-defying match, "Joey Terrofyn" McDougal puts his bloody heart and soul into Primos Hardcore & Wrestling. The owner of Colorado's premier entertainment fighting company started out several years ago loosely affiliated with the Juggalo wrestling circuit. Eventually, the wrestler and promoter realized that his brand of high-flying stunt show was a niche all its own, and he split from the Detroit clown cult. McDougal brought famed world wrestler and death-match fighter Mick Foley to the ring in Colorado last year and is starting up his own Lucha Libre league, REVoLUCHA, this year. With those kinds of moves, Primos Hardcore & Wrestling won't stay underground for long.

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Cemetery Baby
Cemetery Baby

Primos is going to take over the world! Because the Westword, and I, said so! Come watch me beat some boys up!


DUH! Big Red Truck! For all you people who are Wrestling fans, or those who claim to hate it, come out and see for yourself. WESTWORD SAID SO ! This is Bubbaaka:Big Dick Trayloraka:Larry W. Shelton