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Best New Building — Suburbs Denver 2012 - PACE



20000 Pikes Peak Ave.

Parker, CO 80138


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Parker was once a small, rural town — but after the last few building booms, it's been completely subsumed by suburban sprawl that's spread developer housing, strip malls and gas stations across the area. But there's still a remnant of an old downtown on Main Street, and on a nearby ridge that rises above Sulphur Gulch, the town council, using a little over $20 million in existing funds, decided to build the Parker Arts, Culture and Events center, known as PACE. The facility, which opened last fall, includes a theater, an auditorium, a media lab, an art gallery and a dance studio. Done by Denver's Semple Brown Design, the smart-looking structure is made up of interlocking horizontal forms in concrete and brick that have been beautifully detailed. The pierced-metal wall is out of this world — and definitely outside the bland box that holds most of the rest of Parker's architecture.

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This is an example of well-spent town council fund. The cost is reasonable, the building is simple and non-extravagant, and it brings a substantial benefit to a small, rural town. I wonder how long it took to build this multi-purpose theatre? Did all the heavy equipment involved disrupt the daily lives of the town? Are they now able to make profit from the building of this beautiful structure? Seeing as it is in a rural town, it would be a waste if not many people utilise this beautiful facility. Perhaps this article should be boosted with a short description of the impact of this facility in the society.