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Best Patio for Brunch Denver 2012 - Gaia Bistro

Gaia Bistro

Gaia Bistro

1551 S. Pearl St.

Denver, CO 80210


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Gaia Bistro is one of the homiest restaurants around, not least because it's actually located in an old home. The inside is cozy and comfortable — especially in the winter, when the warren of rooms creates a warm, welcoming haven — but Gaia shines brightest outside. You can eat on the planter-lined patio or at one of the tables scattered across the expansive lawn; when summer settles over the Mile High City, these outdoor areas are always packed on weekends. But on cool weekend mornings, the deck is empty — and when you have a French press full of coffee, one of Gaia's housemade pastries and a newspaper before you, this can feel like the most perfect place in the world.

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Tom legueri
Tom legueri

The barista, Aryn, is the best in Denver!!!!!!!