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Best Place to See a Grownup Cry Over Pac-Man Denver 2012 - The 1UP

The 1UP

The 1UP

1925 Blake St.

Denver, CO 80202


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From life-sized Jenga to an array of video games, all from 1985 or earlier, this vintage arcade/bar is the best place to drink, get to level 254 of Pac-Man, and break down when the ghosts finally get you. The good news is that with over forty vintage arcade games (including BurgerTime and Mortal Kombat) as well as pinball and Skee-Ball, there's not much time to pout over one loss. But as long as you're acting like a kid, order up a burger with a glazed doughnut instead of a bun: One bite and you'll be shedding tears of joy instead.

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